Your Behind-the-Scenes Maintenance Partners for Your WordPress Site.

Your digital presence is your world. Collaborate with a team that provides comprehensive excellence in WordPress maintenance services.

Who Are We?

From global corners, the Virtual Shinobis team operates entirely remotely, offering a varied expertise to tackle your unique WordPress needs.

Bringing 4 years of expertise in WordPress services and maintenance, our dedicated team of two is ready to assist you with your WordPress website. No matter the complexity of the task – from intricate problems to simple tweaks – we are here to provide solutions that are not only effective but also cost-efficient. Trust us to keep your WordPress site running smoothly

How can we help you?

Website Backups

We can take the stress off your shoulders when it comes to backing up your site.

WordPress Updates

Tired of manually updating your plugins and theme’s yourself? We have you covered.

Speed Optimization

Is your site running a bit slow? No worries let us optimize it for you.

Have an Emergency?

Struggling with WordPress glitches or site downtime? We provide cost-effective, urgent support services that are only a message away.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Godfrey has been my website designer and creator since 2021. I've spent the past 10 years searching for the 'right' designer to work with, Godfrey is just that.
Audrey Morguess
We've worked with Godfrey for some time now... He is fantastic! Very communicative and thorough. If he does not know something, he finds the answer! Highly recommend.
Jaeda Baldizzi

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